manoj phulambrikar, a designer, has written video scripts, advertising headlines, and radio spots. his novel, ‘shadows on the wall’, probes two contemporary creative lives battling the forces of tradition and mediocrity. will these lovers-turned-rivals resolve their complex issues, come together, and yet retain their individuality?

do we value people only after losing them?

shadows on the wall

two powerful protagonists assert their identities against the canvas of the creative profession. in face of social hypocrisy and violence, in a world that mistakes licentiousness for freedom, living within shallow interpretations of religion, can they grow into creative adults without losing their sense of wonder? can they stay together and yet be true to their distinct personalities?

wrapped in an exciting world of design and advertising, set in turbulent times, ‘shadows on the wall' is the story of rishi and kavya, who won't compromise their individualities, not even for love.

‘A book one would like to come back to again and again for the various nuggets of wisdom and glimpses of human emotions that are embedded in its storyline.’

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